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Champion Jennet!
Valiant Miss Starlet

33" Black Jennet

Sire: Soderglen's Muchacho

Dam: Valiant Tequila

Valiant Miss Starlet

MGF Southern Sizzle

Red Jennet

Sire: MGF RJ

Dam: MGF Red Siren

Champion Jennet
Coco Chanel's Allure

Height: 33

Sire: SS Red Lightening

Dam: Coco Chanel of

 Coco Chanel's Allure

Itsy Bitsy
Jet Design

31.5" Gray-Dun Jennet

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Jet Pilot

Dam: Itsy Bitsy Lordus

New Champion!!

Itsy Bitsy
LN Sonne

Height: 31 1/4"

Sire: LN Redsonnehi

Dam: LN Noni

Itsy Bitsy LN Sonne
Perfection's Red Glory Days

New Champion!!!

Perfection's Red Glory Days

World Champion Jennet

2001 Calgary Stampede

Height: 33 1/2"

Sire: Mission Montana Red Hot Ass

Dam: MGF Venus Kathryn

Champion Jennet
Lamb's Exotic Ranch Rose

National NMDA Grand Champion

2001 Best of Breed

Height: 33"

Sire: Sweetwater Farm's Piccolo

Dam: Sunset Acres Eileen

Lamb's Exotic Ranch Rose Pucci's Itsy Bitsy CC

Champion Jennet
Pucci's Itsy Bitsy CC

National NMDA Grand Champion

2002 Reserve Best of Breed

Height: 34"

Sire: Pucci's Raymond Burro

Dam: DWE Nancy Darling

Champion Jennet!
Itsy Bitsy

Height: 30 1/4"

Sire: Itsy Bitsy LN Red Rangler
Dam: Butterflat Amelia

Itsy Bitys Special Occasion

Champion Jennet!
Itsy Bitsy
Special Occasion

Sire: LN Red Glo

Dam: Fisher's Tiny Ceremony

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